BUD17 Resources

We will update the resources page as they get approved. Please note: Download is a link to the server to view the resource if unable to view on Slideshare and YouTube


BUD17-100K1 George Grey Welcome Keynote – BUD17-100K1 Keynote View Resources
BUD17-100 mcuboot: A shared bootloader for IoT – BUD17-100 David Brown LITE View Resources
BUD17-101 ILP32 on ARM64 – BUD17-101 Yury Norov View Resources
BUD17-102 Update on CPU cluster Idling – BUD17-102 Ulf Hansson Power Management View Resources
BUD17-103 Compression support in OpenDataPlane(ODP) – BUD17-103 Narayana Prasad Athreya LNG View Resources
BUD17-104 Scripting Languages in IoT: Challenges and Approaches – BUD17-104 Paul Sokolovsky, LITE View Resources
BUD17-105 Kernelci.org: The road to LAVA v2 – BUD17-105 Tyler Baker, Matt Hart, Mark Brown LTD View Resources
BUD17-106 LMG Lightning Talks – BUD17-106 LMG View Resources
BUD17-107 PCI-e EndPoint mode of operation in OpenDataPlane(ODP) – BUD17-107 Narayana Prasad Athreya LNG View Resources
BUD17-111 A Scalable Software Scheduler – BUD17-111 LNG View Resources
BUD17-112 Porting the TI SimpleLink CC32xx WiFi stack to the Zephyr IoT OS – BUD17-112 Gil Pitney LITE View Resources
BUD17-113 Distribution CI using QEMU and OpenQA – BUD17-113 Alexander Graf LEG View Resources
BUD17-114 Making ARM the Best Platform for Android – BUD17-114 Xueliang Zhong LHG View Resources
BUD17-115 Linaro Project Management – Project Tracking & Controlling – BUD17-115 Anoop Saxena View Resources
BUD17-116 Zephyr on Beetle – BUD17-116 Vincenzo Frascino LITE View Resources
BUD17-117 Auto vectorization support in OpenJDK9 Hotspot C2 compiler – BUD17-117 Stuart Monteith LEG View Resources
BUD17-118 Status of Android “AOSP” TV – BUD17-118 Khasim Syed Mohammed LMG View Resources
BUD17-119 How to automate updating Google sheets from JIRA – BUD17-119 Amro Hassaan View Resources
BUD17-120 Linux-wpan: IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN in the Linux Kernel – BUD17-120 Stefan Schmidt LITE View Resources
BUD17-121 Modern tooling with CentOS and DTS – BUD17-121 Jim Perrin LEG View Resources
BUD17-122 Linaro Test Suites example usage – BUD17-122 Milosz Wasilewski, Chase Qi QA View Resources
BUD17-123 The Engineering Review Board (ERB) Process – BUD17-123 David Zinman View Resources


BUD17-200K1 Big data, big challenges for ESA Space Science Missions’ Archives – BUD17-200K1 Christophe Arviset Keynote View Resources
BUD17-201 ARM Server Standards: The Next Generation – BUD17-201 Jon Masters LEG View Resources
BUD17-202 AOSP Toolchains – BUD17-202 Bero Rsenkränzer, Renato Golin LMG View Resources
BUD17-203 Universal Keyring – The Time has Come – BUD17-203 Anders Rundgren Security View Resources
BUD17-204 QC Upstream BOF – BUD17-204 Stephen Boyd Kernel View Resources
BUD17-205 Updates on Server Base System Architecture and Boot Requirements – BUD17-205 Dong Wei LEG View Resources
BUD17-206 Future of Android Automated Testing – BUD17-206 LMG View Resources
BUD17-209 Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) on ARM64 – BUD17-209 Wei Fu LEG View Resources
BUD17-211 No more latencies! – BUD17-211 Ulf Hansson, Linus Walleij, Paolo Valente Kernel View Resources
BUD17-213 libvirt integration and testing for enterprise KVM/ARM – BUD17-213 Drew Jones, Eric Auger LEG View Resources
BUD17-214 Bus scaling QoS update – BUD17-214 Georgi Djakov Power Management View Resources
BUD17-215 LAVA Users Forum – BUD17-215 Steve McIntyre LAVA View Resources
BUD17-216 (Hikey960 Invitation-only launch) BUD17-216 – Private meeting – BUD17-216 (Hikey960 Invitation-only launch) View Resources
BUD17-217 VOSYSwitch on OPNFV – migration to ArmBand – BUD17-217 LNG View Resources
BUD17-218 Scheduler Load tracking update and improvement – BUD17-218 Vincent Guittot Power Management View Resources
BUD17-221 What’s new in QEMU – BUD17-221 Alex Bennée Virtualization View Resources
BUD17-222 Energy Awareness: The Next Step – BUD17-222 Carlos Kik Lloret LMG View Resources
BUD17-223 IoT Toolchain BoF – BUD17-223 Toolchain View Resources


BUD17-300 Journey of a packet – BUD17-300 Maxim Uvarov LNG View Resources
BUD17-300K1 Human communication, a niche use case in 5G – BUD17-300K1 Björn Ekelund View Resources
BUD17-300K2 High Energy Physics and ARMv8 64-bit? Investigating The Future of Computing at CERN – BUD17-300K2 Jakob Blomer, David Abdurachmanov View Resources
BUD17-301 KVM/ARM Nested Virtualization – BUD17-301 Christoffer Dall Virtualization View Resources
BUD17-302 LLVM Internals #2 – BUD17-302 Renato Golin, Peter Smith, Diana Picus, Omair Javaid, Adhemerval Zanella Toolchain View Resources
BUD17-303 The Swarm on the Edge: Pushing “IoT” to the next step – BUD17-303 Marcelo Knörich Zuffo LITE View Resources
BUD17-304 P4 to OpenDataPlane Compiler – BUD17-304 Zoltan Kiss, Gergely Pongracz LNG View Resources
BUD17-305 Implementing contiguous page hint for anonymous pages in user space – BUD17-305 Bamvor Jian Zhang Kernel View Resources
BUD17-306 ODP IPsec offload panel – BUD17-306 Bill Fischofer, Bala Manoharan,
Nikhil Agarwal, Bogdan Pricope, Petri Savolainen
View Resources
BUD17-307 SCHED_DEADLINE: ongoing development and new features – BUD17-307 Juri Lelli Power Management View Resources
BUD17-309 IRQ prediction – BUD17-309 Daniel Lezcano Power Management View Resources
BUD17-310 Introducing LLDB for linux on Arm and AArch64 – BUD17-310 Omair Javaid Toolchain View Resources
BUD17-311 Cross distro BoF – BUD17-311 Wookey LEG View Resources
BUD17-312 Linux networking and I/O – BoF – BUD17-312 Francois Ozog, Ivan Khoronzhuk, Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov LNG View Resources
BUD17-313 BoF – Device Tree and Secure Firmware – BUD17-313 Joakim Bech, Jens Wiklander Security View Resources
BUD17-315 Hyperscaling applications with Kubernetes on ARM – BUD17-315 Tyler Baker LTD View Resources
BUD17-317 LAVA Migration – 2017 – BUD17-317 Neil Williams LAVA View Resources
BUD17-318 Navigating the ABI for the ARM Architecture – BUD17-318 Peter Smith Toolchain View Resources
BUD17-320 High resolution data plane timers – BUD17-320 Brian Brooks LNG View Resources
BUD17-321 OCTO BoF: Embedded Graphics – BUD17-321 Andrea Gallo View Resources
BUD17-323 DynInst on arm64 – Status – BUD17-323 Itaru Kitayama LEG View Resources
BUD17-324 System Trace Tools – BUD17-324 Serge De-Paoli View Resources


BUD17-400 Secure Data Path with OPTEE – BUD17-400 Mark Gregotski LHG View Resources
BUD17-400K1 HHVM on AArch64 – BUD17-400K1 Max Wang View Resources
BUD17-401 OPNFV: Next steps for enablement – BUD17-401 Jon Masters LEG View Resources
BUD17-402 Virtual Perspectives on Cross-compilation – BUD17-402 Alex Bennée Virtualization View Resources
BUD17-403 Tutorial Scientific Computing on ARM-based Platforms – BUD17-403 Chris Goodyer, Chris Adeniyi-Jones LEG View Resources
BUD17-404 UEFI/EDK2 for RDK on HiKey – BUD17-404 Kalyan Nagabhirava LHG View Resources
BUD17-405 Building a reference IoT product with Zephyr – BUD17-405 Michael Scott, Ricardo Salveti LTD View Resources
BUD17-406 Toolchain Coordination – BUD17-406 Maxim Kuvyrkov Toolchain View Resources
BUD17-408 RDK on 96Boards – BUD17-408 Sivasubramanian Patchaiperumal LHG View Resources
BUD17-412 OpenSDK OE Builds on 96Boards – BUD17-412 Andrey Konovalov LHG View Resources
BUD17-413 Changes in UEFI land – BUD17-413 Leif Lindholm View Resources
BUD17-414 AOSP BoF – BUD17-414 LMG View Resources
BUD17-416 Benchmark and profiling in OP-TEE – BUD17-416 Jerome Forissier, Igor Opaniuk Security View Resources
BUD17-417 Changes in UEFI land – BUD17-417 Rong Chen LEG View Resources
BUD17-419 Timekeeping in the Linux Kernel – BUD17-419 Stephen Boyd LMG View Resources
BUD17-421 What’s happening with ARM Mali drivers – BUD17-421 John Reitan,
Ketil Johnsen
View Resources
BUD17-423 Intro to Linaro and 96Boards for Engineers
– BUD17-423
Robert Wolff, Mike Levine View Resources
BUD17-424 96Boards OpenHours Pre-game – BUD17-424 Robert Wolff View Resources
BUD17-425 OpenHours – Live at Linaro Connect, Budapest – BUD17-425 Robert Wolff 96Boards View Resources
BUD17-426 Ubuntu Core bring up on 96Boards – BUD17-426 Oliver (Ogra) Grawert 96Boards View Resources
BUD17-427 OCTO BoF: Automotive – BUD17-427 David Rusling, Mark Hambleton View Resources


BUD17-500 96Boards enablement for openSUSE – BUD17-500 Andreas Färber LEG View Resources
BUD17-500K1 The kernel’s limits to growth – BUD17-500K1 Jonathan Corbet View Resources
BUD17-502 A functional Open GPU Upon ARM – BUD17-502 Marcelo Knörich Zuffo LITE View Resources
BUD17-503z The HPE Machine and Gen-Z – BUD17-503z Grant Likely View Resources
BUD17-504 Mezzanine workshop – BUD17-504 96Boards View Resources
BUD17-506 ION BoF – BUD17-506 Sumit Semwal LMG View Resources
BUD17-508 ARM Developer Systems/Tools – BUD17-508 Martin Stadtler, Graeme Gregory, Ard Biesheuvel, Engineer, Yang Zhang View Resources
BUD17-510 Power management in Linux together with secure firmware – BUD17-510 Vincent Guittot, Joakim Bech Security View Resources
BUD17-511 Partnership in Open Design and Manufacturing: How Universities can Contribute with Developers Communities – BUD17-511 Marcelo Knörich Zuffo LITE View Resources
BUD17-512 2038 Linux Problem BoF – BUD17-512 Arnd Bergmann View Resources
BUD17-TR01 Philosophy of Open Source – BUD17-TR01 View Resources
BUD17-TR02 Upstreaming 101 – BUD17-TR02 View Resources
BUD17-TR03 Upstreaming 201 – BUD17-TR03 View Resources
BUD17-TR04 Kernel Debug Stories – BUD17-TR04 View Resources
BUD17-TR07 Kernel Debug Stories (in Mandarin) – BUD17-TR07 View Resources

Session ID Title of demo Description of demo Team Resource Page
BUD17-DF01 DB410c: Face tracking and motor control Linux and Xenomai applied to pan and tilt motor control using GPIOs 96boards View Resources
BUD17-DF02 Archermind demo for MTK X20 Pro and Mstar TV 96Boards Archermind will demo their new 96Boards of MTK X20 Pro and MStar TV 96Boards Archermind Team View Resources
BUD17-DF03 MEAN-stack based sensor gateway Node.js, Express and MongoDB implementing a data-aggregating sensor gateway with RESTful sensor and admin interfaces Either OCTO (David R’s stuff) OR Qualcomm (with Don H) View Resources
BUD17-DF04 Very low latency with the BFQ I/O scheduler We will show both the BFQ and the BFQ-MQ I/O schedulers at work, where BFQ-MQ is the port of BFQ for BLK-MQ, the new multi-queue block-I/O stack. In particular, we will show at what extent these schedulers improve responsiveness and reduce latency for time-sensitive applications (video playing in our demo). We will use BFQ under Android on a HiKey, and BFQ-MQ under a Linux distribution on a PC. Kernel team NA
BUD17-DF05 http server on user-level mTCP stack accelerated by DPDK The demo is one of the cases to use DPDK as network accelerator.
Nginx http server is ported to run on top of a high-performance mTCP stack.
The whole system can be run in physical machine or VM as VNF with virtual switch interconnected.
LEG View Resources
BUD17-DF06 Apache Ambari and Big data components on AARCH64 Showcase Apache Ambari works on AARCH64 LEG Bigdata View Resources
BUD17-DF07 Android “AOSP TV” Android TV is a smart TV platform that can be built for both TVs and stand alone media players and set top boxes.
The goal of this project in LHG is to evaluate Android TV components from AOSP on 96boards.org’s TV platform.
View Resources
BUD17-DF08 RDK ports on 96Boards LHG has been working with upstreaming key components of the RDK over the last 3 years. This demo shows the RDK media framework (RMF) running on 96Boards platforms such as HiKey and DB410C. LHG View Resources
BUD17-DF09 OpenCV & Robot Framework This demo shows automated testing using open source projects that is tailored to testing TV playback use cases. Using the Robot Framework automated test scripts are created. The OpenCV testing is able to provide facial recognition to validate video playback. LHG View Resources
BUD17-DF10 Android with OPTEE/SVP and Widevine This is a demo of Android running with OPTEE and Secure Video Playback using the Widevine DRM. The Secure Video Path is using secure video buffers generated by the ION secure memory allocator. LHG View Resources
BUD17-DF11 mcuboot for IoT mcuboot is a shared bootloader used by Zephyr and Mynewt currently. It supports firmware upgrade and signature verification of images. LITE View Resources
BUD17-DF12 Fedora on LITE reference device Fedora and docker on LITE reference platform LITE  NA
BUD17-DF13 ARMv8-M secure debug demo The new generation for ARM Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33, the first in the new
family of ARMv8-M architecture, introduce optimized TrustZone security features
into small devices. The CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem combines all of the latest ARM IP to provide a foundation for building a secure IoT node. Those new processors and subsystems make it easier for developers to create secure and energy efficient IoT solutions for the interconnected IoT world.
This demo shows a secret code, changing randomly every 10 seconds, via a
secure LCD peripheral. A switch, configured as a secure peripheral, allows
to change debug authentication permissions to grant or deny access to the secure space via the debugger.
The background of this demo shows the secure and non-secure code and memory partition, non-secure and secure code interaction via secure gateways, and the debug authentication feature of the processor to protect a secure space from the non authorized JTAG/debug access.
The audience is going to learn about the CoreLink SSE-200 secure features and
how to build secure applications on it. In addition, the audience is going to see in action how the secure code and memory is protected against the debugger.
LITE team View Resources
BUD17-DF14 Optimized Android N MR1 + 4.4 Kernel Boot optimized and HWA MM capabilities on Android N MR1 with 4.4 kernel LMG View Resources
BUD17-DF15 Optimized Android N MR1 + 4.9 Kernel Boot optimized and HWA MM capabilities on Android N MR1 with 4.9 kernel LMG View Resources
BUD17-DF16 ODP IPsec lookaside API Demo Highlights OpenFastPath using OpenDataPlane to leverage SoC hardware acceleration capabilities for IPSEC offload

Using a traffic generator generate clear text traffic that is passed to a SoC with HW encryption support, forward the encrypted traffic to a second SoC for description and forward that to the traffic generation for confirmation of success.

Highlights OpenFastPath using ODP to leverage SoC hardware acceleration capabilites

LNG View Resources
BUD17-DF17 Next event prediction IRQ based next event prediction Power Management View Resources
BUD17-DF18 Dragonboard 410c/820c DB820c running linux and open source graphics, DB820c running Android, DB410c running Amazon Alexa Qualcomm Landing team View Resources
BUD17-DF19 Socionext ARMv8 server SoC chipset demo Socionext introduces its newly released ARMv8 server SoC chipset “SC2A11 – The processor SoC with 24 x A53 cores” and “SC2A20 – The interconnect bridge SoC”. An SC2A11 board will be displayed with some demonstration. Socionext Inc. View Resources
BUD17-DF20 ST 96Boards Demo Demonstrating ST new hub sensor mezzanine board with ST B2260 board ST Landing Team View Resources

Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015

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