Linaro Connect Week’s Highlights

The show kicked off Monday February 9th in Hong Kong to many announces by Linaro.  George Grey, Linaro’s CEO, gave the opening keynote and welcomed attendees to the event.  He then announced the 96Boards initiative to accelerate ARM software development.  96Boards is an open hardware specification for ARM 32-bit and 64-bit developer boards, and a Community Program for software delivery to developers, makers and OEMs.  Linaro also announced on Monday two founding members of the newly formed Linaro Community Boards Group (LCG), which are Actions Technology and Marvell.  George, then went on to give an overview of that status of Linaro and it’s many projects, including a quick hands on demo with a Project Ara phone. Check out the keynote video and to download the keynote slides click here.

Highlights from Linaro Connect Hong Kong, are available on the event hubFlickr, YouTube, Facebook,Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tuesday of Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015 began with another great keynote from guest speaker, Dejan Milojicic, Senior Researcher and Manager, HP Labs.  Mr. Milojicic gave a keynote titled: “The Machine: A new kind of computer” about The Machine which is a new system from HP, based on Memristor Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) and photonic interconnects, enabling new innovative solutions and applications. The talk discussed the changes HP is introducing to the system software stack to leverage The Machine.

Following the keynote was a hands-on lightning talk on ARM Servers that gave attendees information on the latest updates.  Jon Masters, Chief ARM Architect at Red Hat conducted the talks.  Get all the links and details


Wednesday began with two guest keynotes for attendees to go to.  The first was by Bob Monkman, Enterprise Segment Marketing Manager at ARM.  Bob’s keynote topic was “The impact of ARM in the next generation cloud and communication network infrastructure”.  He spoke about the new era of workload optimized servers and how one size does not fit all any longer.  The second keynote of the day was given by Greg Kroah-Hartman, Fellow at Linux Foundation.  Greg’s keynote topic was “An introduction to the Greybus Project”.  Greg gave a great overview of the status of this Google sponsored project he worked on with Linaro.  Read More

Thursday began as each day of Connect has with a guest keynote.  The guest keynote for Thursday was given by Warren Rehman, Android Partner Engineering Manager at Google.  Warren gave an overview of what Android TV is in context of Android.  He went on to discuss expectations for consumer electronics and how this impacts Android TV to try to address these expectations.  He also talked about Android security and the multiple layers of defense they have as well as the Android security model. Read More

Friday began with a great closing keynote by Greg Kroah-Hartman from the Linux Foundation that was titled “How is Linaro doing”  this was a follow-up talk from his keynote in 2013.  Following the keynote Joe Bates, Executive VP Member Services gave a Closing Summary of the week.  After the morning sessions the traditional Demo Friday was held to allow attendees to view some of the latest work by Linaro and Linaro Members.  Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015 officially ended after the Demo Friday event.

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HKG15 Videos and Slides

Session ID SESSION Name TRACK Speakers Page
Monday, February 9, 2015
HKG15-100K1 Opening Keynote – George Grey, Linaro CEO General George Grey View
HKG15-100 Core Development Lightning Talks – Kernel, Power Management, Security and Virtualization Kernel, Power Management, Security, Virtualization Agustín Benito Bethencourt No VIdeo
HKG15-101 maddog: ARMv8 Optimization Community Maddog View
HKG15-102 LMG Lightning Talks Mobile View
HKG15-103 OpenEmbedded BoF Builds & Baselines Trevor Woerner View
HKG15-104 Coresight Update and Next Steps Kernel Agustín Benito Bethencourt View
HKG15-105 96Boards Hardware Community Multiple Speakers View
HKG15-106 Replacing CMEM: Meeting TI’s SoC shared buffer allocation, management, and address translation requirements View
HKG15-107 ACPI Power Management on ARM64 Servers Power Management, Enterprise Server Ashwin Chaugule View
HKG15-108 Standardizing Linux Kernel Power Management on ARM 32/64-bit Power Management Mathieu Poirer View
HKG15-109 96Board Software Community Panel View
HKG15-110 ODP Project Update Networking Bill Fischofer View
HKG15-111 LAVA Dispatcher Refactoring LAVA, Validation Neil Williams, Rémi Duraffort View
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
HKG15-200K1 The Machine: A new kind of computer General Dejan Milojicic No Video
HKG15-200K2 Hands-on lightning talk on ARM servers General Panel – discussion View
HKG15-200 OpenJDK under the hood Enterprise Server Edward Nevill View
HKG15-201 Upstream Kernel Validation Validation Tyler Baker, Milo Casagrande, Kevin Hilman View
HKG15-202 UMEQ (User Mode Emulation Quest) Virtualization Remi Durafort View
HKG15-203 TCWG 2015 Roadmap Review Tools Ryan Arnold View
HKG15-204 OpenStack: 3rd party testing and performance benchmarking Enterprise Server Andrew McDermott, Clark Laughlin View
HKG15-205 OpenTAC – Open Hardware Test Automation Controller LAVA, Validation Andy Simpkins, Neil Williams View
HKG15-206 Solving the year 2038 problem in Linux Kernel Arnd Bergmann, Tina Ruchandani View
HKG15-207 Advanced Toolchain Usage Part 3 Tools Ryan Arnold, Maxim Kuvyrkov, Will Newton, Yvan Roux View
HKG15-208 ACPI: State of the Server Enterprise Server Al Stone, Hanjun Guo, Graeme Gregory View
HKG15-209 ODP User experience Networking Panel – discussion View
HKG15-210 Port forwarding daemon Validation Luca Di Stefano View
HKG15-211 Advanced Toolchain Usage Part 4 Tools Ryan Arnold, Maxim Kuvyrkov, Will Newton, Yvan Roux View
HKG15-900 The Philosophy of Open Source Development Training wooky No Video
HKG15-901 Upstreaming 101 Training Matt Porter View
HKG15-902 Upstreaming 201 Training Matt Porter View
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
HKG15-300K1 Guest Keynote – Bob Monkman, ARM General Bob Monkman View
HKG15-300K2 Introduction to Greybus – Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux Foundation General Greg Kroah-Hartman View
HKG15-300 Art’s Quick Compiler: An unofficial overview Mobile Matteo Franchin View
HKG15-301 OVS implemented via ODP & vendor SDKs Networking Ciprian Barbu Only on amazon
HKG15-302 Debugging ARM kernels using NMI/FIQ Kernel Daniel Thompson View
HKG15-303 Secure Playback using OP-TEE Security, Digital Home Viswanath Puttagunta View
HKG15-304 Secure Media using DMA-buf Graphics, Mobile No Video
HKG15-305 Real Time processing comparing the RT patch vs Core isolation Networking Gary Robertson View
HKG15-306 Introducing Aster – a tool for remote GUI testing on AOSP / Build system modifications to ease working with other AOSP projects Yongqin Liu Only On amazon
HKG15-306 Build system modifications to ease working with other AOSP projects Bernhard Rosenkränzer Only On amazon
HKG15-307 OP-TEE paging Security Jens Wiklander Only On amazon
HKG15-308 Kick-start your 64-bit AOSP build engines Amit Pundir View
HKG15-309 VLAN daemon next steps Networking, Validation Dave Pigott View
HKG15-311 Security Building Blocks, OP-TEE and the Secure Boot Security, Enterprise Server Victor Chong View
HKG15 Cross-distribution Collaboration Riku Voipio View
HKG15-904 Scrum and Kanban 101 Amro Hassaan View
Thursday, February 12, 2015
HKG15-400K1 Guest Keynote – Warren Rehman – Android Partner Engineering Manager, Google General View
HKG15-400 Next steps in KVM enablement on ARM Virtualization View
HKG15-401 Ceph and Software Defined Storage on ARM servers Enterprise Server Yazen Ghannam, Steve Capper View
HKG15-402 Orphan hacking sessions Validation Dave Pigott View
HKG15-403 Chromium Blink on Wayland with HW accelerated video playback using Gstreamer Digital Home Zoltan Kuscsik, PhDChristophe Priouzeau No Video
HKG15-404 Standardizing Linux Kernel Power Management on ARM 32/64-bit Lorenzo Pieralisi View
HKG15-405 Redundant zero/sign-extension elimination in GCC Tools Kugan Vivekanandarajah View
HKG15-406 Hacking session hands on Validation Tyler Baker, Dave Pigott View
HKG15-407 EME implementation in Chromium: Linaro Clear Key – v2 (2 presentations) Digital Home Matt Snoby View
HKG15-408 ARM v8-A NEON optimization Mobile Zhifei Wang View
HKG15-409 ARM Hibernation enablement on SoCs – a case study Mobile Grygorii Strashko View
HKG15-410 LAVA Lab device addresses Validation Dave Pigott, Ed Deacon View
HKG15-411 Browser Testing Framework for LHG Digital Home Trevor Woerner, Will Chen View
Friday, February 13, 2015
HKG15-500K1 How Linaro is doing – Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux Foundation General Greg Kroah-Hartman No VIdeo
HKG15-500K2 Linaro Connect Closing Summary – Joe Bates, Executive VP Member Services, Linaro Inc. General Joe Bates No VIdeo
HKG15-500 LAVA 101 – LAVA Usage and Result Management Validation Senthil Kumaran S View
HKG15-501 Toolchain Performance Analysis and Investigations Tools Maxim Kuvyrkov View
HKG15-502 Comcast – Lessons learned from migrating the RDK code base to the OpenEmbedded/Yocto build framework Digital Home Andrew Thoelke
HKG15-504 LAVA 201 – LAVA Usage and Result Management Validation Senthil Kumaran, Stevan Radakovic View
HKG15-505 Power Management interactions with OP-TEE and Trusted Firmware Power, Security Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz View
HKG15-506 Comcast – Lessons learned from migrating the RDK code base to the OpenEmbedded/Yocto build framework Sanjay Dorairaj, Khem Raj View