Fireside Chat with David Rusling and
Linus Torvalds

Linaro Connect began today in Las Vegas and welcomed over 425 attendees making it one of the largest Linaro Connect events.  Linaro Connect Las Vegas 2016 (LAS16) is a five-day event full of keynotes by industry leaders, talks, training, hacking and a lot of socializing fun.  Linaro Connect brings together the best and the brightest of the Linux on ARM community and LAS16 was no exception.

It began with a Welcome Keynote by Linaro’s CEO, George Grey, who welcomed attendees to the event and gave an overview of the many projects that Linaro is working on with its member companies.  George then went on to demo several of these projects.

George then wrapped up this keynote by announcing Linaro’s newest segment group, the Linaro IoT and Embedded Group (LITE).  The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the traditional embedded market and creating huge growth opportunities.  Read the entire recap for Monday

Linaro Connect LAS16 continued on Tuesday with another great keynote by guest speaker, Sarah Sharp, who is the founder of Otter Tech.  Sarah kicked-off the day by giving a talk on “Corporate Open Source Fail” in which she discussed how many company’s good intentions of being productive open source citizens go bad.  She talked about the common corporate open source pitfalls and the thinking behind some of these decisions when product deadlines and legal issues come into play.  She explained ways that engineers and managers can work with their teams to influence strategies.  Read the full recap of what took place on Tuesday.

Wednesday at Linaro Connect  LAS16 began with a great key by Geoff Thorpe who heads up security within the Microcontroller group of NXP.  Geoff gave an overview of  Zephyr and talked about the what, where, why as well as gave an update on the status of Zephyr.  Read more

The Thursday keynote was given by Brian Richardson who is an an Intel technical evangelist and is a blogger for the Intel Software Evangelists project, a former writer for, and executive producer for DragonConTV.  Brian gave a keynote on “TianoCore – Open Source UEFI Community Update“.

Thursday also included the final mini-conference, this final conference was on AOSP and covered many different topics.  Thursday night was the Linaro Connect attendees party, which was held poolside at the JW Marriott and was Vegas themed.  Read a full recap of the Thursday activities.

The Linaro Connect Las Vegas 2016 (LAS16) was one of the largest Connect events to date.  Linaro Connect Las Vegas 2016 (LAS16) was a five-day event full of keynotes by industry leaders, talks, training, hacking and a lot of socializing fun.  Linaro Connect brings together the best and the brightest of the Linux on ARM community and LAS16 was no exception.  The week was full of great keynotes each morning covering many different topics in the community.  There was an announcement of a new segment group at Linaro, the Linaro IoT and Embedded Group (LITE).  The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the traditional embedded market and creating huge growth opportunities.  Standards are essential to the success of IoT and the LITE group will bring together ARM ecosystem support for key standards and engineering work to support reliable implementations. The week of sessions included many different tracks that attendees could attend, with each day focused on a particular segment within Linaro.  Along with all the sessions and hacking there was also the traditional demo Friday that was held to showcase all the hard work that was done by the various teams over the last several months.  Read the entire review of the week.

Attracting 500+ attendees, Linaro Connect is a bi-annual event which brings together engineers and industry experts to discuss, learn, network and push forward new technologies for five days in some of the most interesting cities around the world. For the past five years, Linaro Connect has been the event to attend if you are interested in Linux development and related ecosystems on ARM. While the event continues to evolve, one thing stays the same – it is all about Engineering. We will host the next Linaro Connect in Budapest at the Corinthia Hotel from Monday 6th to Friday 10th March 2017.


George Grey

CEO, Linaro

George, Chief Executive Officer,  joined Linaro in 2010 bringing a wealth of industry knowledge. Prior to joining Linaro George led software and hardware technology companies for over 25 years, gaining wide ranging expertise in business strategy, product development, sales and marketing. Early in his career he spent 12 years as founder and then CEO of Tadpole Technology plc, a developer of advanced mobile workstations. More recently at SavaJe, a pioneer of Smartphone operating systems, he developed a deep understanding of advanced software technologies, and worked with partners and customers across the entire mobile industry. George has built a reputation for leading and growing technology companies, and brings to Linaro extensive experience in creating innovative products and solutions for global markets. George holds a degree in Electrical Sciences from Cambridge University and resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Morgan Quigley

Chief Architect, OSRF

Title: The Robot Operating System: An Open Source Framework for Modern Robotics
Date: Monday, September 26
Time: 9.35 –10.15am

Sarah Sharp

Founder, Otter Tech

Title: Corporate Open Source Fail
Date: Tuesday, September 27
Time: 8:55am – 9:35am

Geoff Thorpe

IoT Security, NXP

Title: IoT Zephyr
Date: Wednesday, September 28
Time: 8:55am – 9:35am

Brian Richardson

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel

Title: TianoCore – Open Source UEFI Community Update
Date: Thursday, September 29
Time: 8:55am – 9:35am

Jono Bacon

Founder, Jono Bacon Consulting

Title: Community 3.0
Date: Friday, September 30
Time: 8:55am – 9:35am

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