Linaro Connect LAS16:
Monday September 26th 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Title Speaker Track Resources page
LAS16-100K1: Welcome – George Grey George Grey Keynote View Resources
LAS16-100K2: Morgan Quigley, OSRF Morgan Quigley Keynote View Resources
LAS16-100: Zephyr Technical Overview LITE View Resources
LAS16-101: Efficient kernel backporting Alex Shi Core Development View Resources
LAS16-102: Writing Effective Automated Tests Milosz Wasilewski, AntonioTerceiro Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-103: How We Wound Up Hosting on aarch64 Andy Doan View Resources
LAS16-104: MyNewt technical overview LITE View Resources
LAS16-105: Walkthrough of the EAS kernel adaptation to the Android Common Kernel Core Development View Resources
LAS16-106: GNU Toolchain Development Lifecycle Ryan Arnold Core Development View Resources
LAS16-107: LAVA Users Forum Steve Mcintyre Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-108: JerryScript and other scripting languages for IoT Paul Sokolovsky LITE View Resources
LAS16-109: The status quo and the future of 96Boards Yang Zhang 96Boards View Resources
LAS16-110: Updates on CI v2 for Android in last 6 months Vishal Bhoj, Daniel Diaz Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-111: Raspberry Pi3, OP-TEE and JTAG debugging Core Development View Resources


Title Speaker Track Resources page
LAS16-200K2: Corporate Open Source Fail – Sarah Sharp Sarah Sharp Keynote View Resources
LAS16-200K3: Introducing the MediaTek X20 Board Stephane Le Provost View Resources
LAS16-200: MiniConference 1 Firmware Summit — leif to send slides 9/27 Charle Garcia-Tobin, Martin Stadtler, Hanjun Guo, Al Stone, Kanta Vekaria Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-201: ART JIT in Android N Xueliang Zhong LMG View Resources
LAS16-202: Reference Software Platform Alan Bennett Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-203: Platform security architecture for embedded devices Mark Hambleton LITE View Resources
LAS16-205: The State of AOSP common android-4.4 Kernel Amit Pundir LMG View Resources
LAS16-207: Bus scaling QoS Georgi Djakov Core Development View Resources
LAS16-209: Finished and Upcoming Projects in LMG Yongqui Liu, Satish Patel, Bernhard Rosenkränzer LMG View Resources
LAS16-210: Hardware Assisted Tracing on ARM with CoreSight and OpenCSD Mathieu Poirier Core Development View Resources
LAS16-211: Testing LAVA V2 for advanced KVM testing Riku Voipio Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-212: MediaTek Board Introduction Stephane Le Provost View Resources
LAS16-TR01: Philosophy of Open Source Sarah Sharp Training View Resources
LAS16-TR02: Upstreaming 101 Shawn Guo, Daniel Thompson Training View Resources
LAS16-TR03: Upstreaming 201 Shawn Guo, Daniel Thompson Training View Resources


Title Speaker Track Resources page
LAS16-300K2: Geoff Thorpe – IoT Zephyr Geoff Thorpe LITE View Resources
LAS16-300: Mini Conference 2 RTOS-Zephyr – Device Configuration Andy Gross Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-301: OpenStack on Aarch64, running in production, upstream improvements, and interoperability Yibo Cai, Gema Gomez Solano, Jack He, Marcin Juskiewicz, Martin Stadtler LEG View Resources
LAS16-302: LHG Reference Security Solutions Zoltan Kuscsik LHG View Resources
LAS16-303: Kernel Testing with Tyler Baker Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-304: Mini Conference 2 RTOS-Zephyr – Build Systems Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-305: Smart City Big Data Visualization on 96Boards Naresh Bhat, Ganesh Raju LEG View Resources
LAS16-306: Exploring the Open Trusted Protocol Marc Canel LHG View Resources
LAS16-307: Benchmarking Schedutil in Android Steve Muckle Core Development View Resources
LAS16-308: Mini Conference 2 Cortex-M Software – Security Architecture for Cortex-M Paul Bakker Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-309: Server Ecosystem: Xen on ARM, from Big Iron to IoT & LuaJIT status on Aarch64 Ryan Arnold, Steve Capper, Julien Grall LEG View Resources
LAS16-310: Introducing the first 96Boards TV Platform: Poplar by Hisilicon Mark Gregotski LHG View Resources
LAS16-311: Window Based Load Tracking (WALT) versus PELT utilization Vikram Mulukutla Core Development View Resources
LAS16-312: Open Compute Project (OCP): Consume, Collaborate, Contribute. (emailed Amber – Don wanted a copy of presso) Amber Graner LEG View Resources
LAS16-TR04: Using tracing to tune and optimize EAS (English) Leo Yan Training View Resources
LAS16-TR05: Getting Started in LAVA v2 – reloaded 9/29 Bill Fletcher Training View Resources
LAS16-TR06: Remoteproc & rpmsg development Bjorn Andersson Training View Resources


Title Speaker Track Resources page
LAS16-400K2: Brian Richardson, Intel Brian Richardson Keynote View Resources
LAS16-400: Mini Conference 3 AOSP (Session 1) Thomas Gall,
Bernhard Rosenkränzer
Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-401: Accelerating applications with OFP+ODP: highlighting NGINX, OpenSSL and L3FWD LNG View Resources
LAS16-402: ARM Trusted Firmware – from Enterprise to Embedded Core Development View Resources
LAS16-403: GDB Linux Kernel Awareness Peter Griffin Core Development View Resources
LAS16-404: Mini Conference 3 AOSP (Session 2) View Resources
LAS16-405: OpenDataPlane: Software Defined Dataplane leader François-Frédéric Ozog LNG View Resources
LAS16-406: Android Widevine on OP-TEE Core Development View Resources
LAS16-407: Internet of Tiny Linux (IoTL): the sequel. Nicolas Pitre LITE View Resources
LAS16-408: Mini Conference 3 AOSP (Session 3) View Resources
LAS16-409: Time Sensitive Networking: kernel modifications for automotive/industrial LNG View Resources
LAS16-410: Don’t waste power when idle with runtime PM Ulf Hansson Core Development View Resources
LAS16-411: Why I moved away from LAVA for ART CI Vishal Bhoj Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-TR07: Working upstream [Mandarin] Alex Shi, Baolin Wang, Chunyan Zhang Training View Resources
LAS16-TR08: Hardware Assisted Tracing on ARM with CoreSight and OpenCSD [Mandarin] Chunyan Zhang Training View Resources
LAS16-414: ARM Mali GPU Q&A Session Bill Fletcher, Guillaume Tucker View Resources


Title Speaker Track Resources page
LAS16-500K2: Community Management – Jono Bacon Jono Bacon Keynote View Resources
LAS16-500K3: Fireside Chat with David Rusling and Linus Torvalds David and Linus Keynote View Resources
LAS16-500: The Rise and Fall of Assembler and the VGIC from Hell Marc Zyngier, Christoffer Dall Core Development View Resources
LAS16-501: Introduction to LLVM – Projects, Components, Integration, Internals Renato Golin Core Development View Resources
LAS16-502: 96Boards Community Panel David Mandala 96Boards View Resources
LAS16-503: LAVA V2 migration Neil Williams Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-504: Secure Storage updates in OP-TEE Jerome Forissier Core Development View Resources
LAS16-506: The future of 96Boards documentation Robert Wolff 96Boards View Resources
LAS16-507: LXC support in LAVA Senthil Kumaran Automation & CI View Resources