Join us Monday September 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada for Linaro Connect LAS16.  Linaro CEO, George Grey, will kick-off the event with our Welcome Keynote.   Check back in to this page to watch videos of the sessions and see the presentations that will take place during the week.

Title Speaker Track Resources page
LAS16-100K1: Welcome – George Grey George Grey Keynote View Resources
LAS16-100K2: Morgan Quigley, OSRF Morgan Quigley Keynote View Resources
LAS16-100: Zephyr Technical Overview LITE View Resources
LAS16-101: Efficient kernel backporting Alex Shi Core Development View Resources
LAS16-102: Writing Effective Automated Tests Milosz Wasilewski, AntonioTerceiro Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-103: How We Wound Up Hosting on aarch64 Andy Doan View Resources
LAS16-104: MyNewt technical overview LITE View Resources
LAS16-105: Walkthrough of the EAS kernel adaptation to the Android Common Kernel Core Development View Resources
LAS16-106: GNU Toolchain Development Lifecycle Ryan Arnold Core Development View Resources
LAS16-107: LAVA Users Forum Steve Mcintyre Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-108: JerryScript and other scripting languages for IoT Paul Sokolovsky LITE View Resources
LAS16-109: The status quo and the future of 96Boards Yang Zhang 96Boards View Resources
LAS16-110: Updates on CI v2 for Android in last 6 months Vishal Bhoj, Daniel Diaz Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-111: Raspberry Pi3, OP-TEE and JTAG debugging Core Development View Resources

Tuesday: View Resources
LAS16-200K2: Corporate Open Source Fail – Sarah Sharp Sarah Sharp Keynote View Resources
LAS16-200K3: Introducing the Firmware Mini-Conference Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-200: ARM64 ASWG and Linux ACPI update Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-201: ART JIT in Android N LMG View Resources
LAS16-202: Reference Software Platform Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-203: Platform security architecture for embedded devices LITE View Resources
LAS16-204: Device Tree Standardisation View Resources
LAS16-205: The State of AOSP common android-4.4 Kernel LMG View Resources
LAS16-206: SCMI – System Management and Control Interface Core Development View Resources
LAS16-207: Bus scaling QoS Core Development View Resources
LAS16-208: Tianocore Progress and Status √ View Resources
LAS16-209: Finished and Upcoming Projects in LMG LMG View Resources
LAS16-210: Hardware Assisted Tracing on ARM with CoreSight and OpenCSD Core Development View Resources
LAS16-211: Testing LAVA V2 for advanced KVM testing Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-TR01: Philosophy of Open Source Training View Resources
LAS16-TR02: Upstreaming 101 Training View Resources
LAS16-TR03: Upstreaming 201 Training View Resources

LAS16-300K2: Geoff Thorpe – IoT Zephyr LITE View Resources
LAS16-300: Mini Conference 2 RTOS-Zephyr – Device Configuration Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-301: Running OpenStack in Production on AArch64 LEG View Resources
LAS16-302: LHG Reference Security Solutions LHG View Resources
LAS16-303: Kernel Testing with Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-304: Mini Conference 2 RTOS-Zephyr – Build Systems Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-305: Smart City Big Data Visualization on 96Boards LEG View Resources
LAS16-306: Exploring the Open Trusted Protocol LHG View Resources
LAS16-307: Benchmarking Schedutil in Android Core Development View Resources
LAS16-308: Mini Conference 2 RTOS-Zephyr – Security Architecture for Cortex-M Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-309: Xen on ARM, from Big Iron to IoT LEG View Resources
LAS16-310: Introducing the first 96Boards TV Platform: Poplar by Hisilicon LHG View Resources
LAS16-311: Don’t waste power when idle with runtime PM Core Development View Resources
LAS16-312: Open Compute Project (OCP): Consume, Collaborate, Contribute. LEG View Resources
LAS16-TR04: Using tracing to tune and optimize EAS (English) Training View Resources
LAS16-TR05: Getting Started in LAVA v2 Training View Resources
LAS16-TR06: Remoteproc & rpmsg development Training View Resources

LAS16-400K2: Brian Richardson, Intel View Resources
LAS16-400: Mini Conference 3 AOSP (Session 1) Mini-Conference View Resources
LAS16-401: Accelerating applications with OFP+ODP: NGINX web server example LNG View Resources
LAS16-402: ARM Trusted Firmware – from Enterprise to Embedded Core Development View Resources
LAS16-403: GDB Linux Kernel Awareness Core Development View Resources
LAS16-404: Mini Conference 3 AOSP (Session 2) View Resources
LAS16-405: OpenDataPlane: Software Defined Dataplane leader LNG View Resources
LAS16-406: Android Widevine on OP-TEE Core Development View Resources
LAS16-407: Internet of Tiny Linux (IoTL): the sequel. LITE View Resources
LAS16-408: Mini Conference 3 AOSP (Session 3) View Resources
LAS16-409: Time Sensitive Networking: kernel modifications for automotive/industrial LNG View Resources
LAS16-410: Window Based Load Tracking (WALT) versus PELT utilization Core Development View Resources
LAS16-411: Why I moved away from LAVA for ART CI Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-TR07: Working upstream [Mandarin] Training View Resources
LAS16-TR08: Hardware Assisted Tracing on ARM with CoreSight and OpenCSD [Mandarin] Training View Resources
LAS16-413: ARM Mali GPU Q&A Session View Resources

LAS16-500K2: Community Management – Jono Bacon Keynote View Resources
LAS16-500: The Rise and Fall of Assembler and the VGIC from Hell Core Development View Resources
LAS16-501: Introduction to LLVM – Projects, Components, Integration, Internals Core Development View Resources
LAS16-502: 96Boards Community Panel 96Boards View Resources
LAS16-503: LAVA V2 migration Automation & CI View Resources
LAS16-504: Secure Storage updates in OP-TEE Core Development View Resources
LAS16-505: Best Practices For Switching From GCC to LLVM Core Development View Resources
LAS16-506: The future of 96Boards documentation 96Boards View Resources
LAS16-507: LXC support in LAVA Automation & CI View Resources