Tues: 8:45-9:15
Company: Arm

Bio: Over 20 years of experience in software systems ranging from real time control systems, core and edge networking to mobile devices. Mark has been working with the Linux kernel for over 15 years, initially creating networking products focussing on traffic classification and shaping to more recently on mobile devices. Working as a Chief Architect at Symbian (and Nokia) he established himself within the ARM community, then joined Broadcom in 2012 to refocus on Linux on ARM working on their mobile SOCs and then on to run the open source software team in ARM from 2014. Mark has been a member of the Linaro TSC since 2013 representing Broadcom and then Arm.
Keynote Title: The Fog.
Keynote Abstract: Today’s world of devices connected to clouds looks set to evolve with more intelligence and processing being pushed to the edge or migrating between the cloud and the edge. The very definition of edge is evolving too. In this presentation we will look at some potential futures made possible by the emergence of the fog and its implications for the segments that it embraces.

Mark Hambleton