BKK16-311: EAS core – upstreaming strategy

– What we mean by EAS core and how it’s distinct from the other components – also why it’s so difficult to get it merged. (This is driven by key partner concerns). – An update on misc work that’s underway to resolve the upstreaming. – Misc load balance pathway enhancements – Wakeup pathway mods (cleanups, basic big.LITTLE capacity awareness etc) – Periodic load balancer mods. – Energy model expression (why this is important, partner perspectives/experience and bottlenecks) – Proposals to get an expression into the mainline – Optional boot-time auto-detection of capacity over-ridable by sysfs – Leveraging the merged power coefficient bindings – Leveraging the OPP bindings .. to effectively get to EAS’ struct sched_group_energy. – How we are structuring things to ease upstream acceptance. What’s helping, what’s not, where partners can help.

Event Date: March 9, 2016