ARM Developer Systems/Tools – BUD17-508

“Session ID: BUD17-508
Session Name: ARM Developer Systems/Tools – BUD17-508
Speaker: Martin Stadtler, Graeme Gregory, Ard Biesheuvel, Engineer, Yang Zhang

★ Session Summary ★
The ARM ecosystem needs full stack development tools, currently you need an Intel machine to develop for ARM. This makes developing for ARM a 2nd class citizen. The need is shown greatly in the datacenter where we need developers and engineers to start working on ARM as a 1st class citizen. To enable this developers need access to ARMv8 based development systems with UEFI and ACPI capability. From small NUC like devices (with expandable memory and SATA ssd/disk), to ARM powered notebooks and workstations (that provide PCIe, SATA and DIMM). Finally ARM server access as cloud/baremetal instances for production testing. This session is to gather requirements and review options that can be provided/developed.
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★ Event Details ★
Linaro Connect Budapest 2017 (BUD17)
6-10 March 2017
Corinthia Hotel, Budapest,
Erzsébet krt. 43-49,
1073 Hungary

Keyword: ARM, tools, developer-system

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