HKG18-104 – Securing Arm Servers

Session ID: HKG18-104
Session Name: HKG18-104 – Securing Arm Servers
Speaker: Matteo Carlini
Track: Security

★ Session Summary ★
An Open Source implementation for Secure Boot & Secure Variable Access on Arm System Guidance platforms. System Guidance Infrastructure platforms are the publicly available Armv8.2 Servers modelling systems, whose support has just been released to the related open-source projects. This talk will present the latest effort carried on by Arm into Trusted Firmware and UEFI EDK2 to implement a Secure Boot path with Secure Variable access on these platforms. We’ll go through a detailed explanation of the work done, with links to the upstream code, and describe the present and future challenges faced when working with them.
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Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2018 (HKG18)
19-23 March 2018
Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

Keyword: Security
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Speakers: Matteo Carlini

Speaker Positions: Snr Software Product Manager