LAS16-300K2: Geoff Thorpe – IoT Zephyr

LAS16-300K2: Overview of IoT Zephyr
Speakers: Geoff Thorpe
Date: September 28, 2016

★ Session Description ★
Title: Overview of IoT Zephyr

Geoff Thorpe heads up security within the Microcontroller group of NXP, where the intersection of device security and network security gives him a headache commonly known as “IoT”. His early experience with security topics was very software-centric, as a long-standing member of the OpenSSL team and a contributor to related open source projects. After many years veering off into semiconductors and hardware architecture, his software-bias has been domesticated to some extent but not eradicated.

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Linaro Connect Las Vegas 2016 – #LAS16
September 26-30, 2016