LCU14-105: Coresight Advanced Topics

LCU14-105: Coresight  Advanced Topics


Speaker: Mathieu Poirier
Track: Kernel
Location: Grand Peninsula A, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, CA, United States

★ Session Summary ★
This session is meant to look at Coresight in deeper details.  The goal is to go ove more advanced concepts that are going beyond the basic traces mechanism such as STMs and how it could be used to interleave messages from the existing kernel trace infrastructure with the Coresight trace stream.  The second part will concentrated on some of the challenges we face such as the configuration of STM trace channels between user and kernel space, the representation of metadata
for trace decoding and the decoding of compressed streams themselves. The presentation will conclude with a use case example and it’s associated decoded trace stream.


★ Resources ★
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★ Event Details ★
Linaro Connect USA – #LCU14
September 15-19th, 2014
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport