This AI and Neural Networks on Arm Summit has ended! Below is a table of resources from the event:

Speaker Company ID Title
Chris Benson AI Strategist YVR18- 300K2 Keynote: Artificial Intelligence Strategy: Digital Transformation Through Deep Learning
Jem Davies Arm YVR18-300K1 Keynote: Enabling Machine Learning to Explode with Open Standards and Collaboration
Robert Elliott Arm YVR18-329 Arm NN intro
Pete Warden Google Tensorflow YVR18-338 Tensorflow for Arm devices
Mark Charlebois Qualcomm YVR18-330 Qualcomm Snapdragon AI Software
Thom Lane Amazon AWS AI YVR18-331 ONNX and Edge Deployments
Jammy Zhou Linaro YVR18-332 TVM compiler stack and ONNX support
Luba Tang Skymizer YVR18-333 ONNC (Open Neural Network Compiler) for Arm Cortex-M
Shouyong Liu Thundersoft YVR18-334 AI Alive: On Device and In-App
Ralph Wittig Xilinx YVR18-335 Xilinx: AI on FPGA and ACAP Roadmap
Andrea Gallo and others Linaro, Arm, Qualcomm, Skymizer, Xilinx YVR18-337 BoF: JIT vs offline compilers vs deploying at the Edge

The options for neural network acceleration in Arm-based platforms provide an unprecedented opportunity for new intelligent devices. However, it also raises the risk of fragmentation and duplication of effort when varied frameworks and libraries will be required to support a multitude of accelerators.

The growing amount of data captured by sensors and connected devices coupled with real time constraints and the cost to move large data sets from the edge to the cloud intensifies the need to manage and execute Big Data analytics and Machine Learning (ML) inference engines at the edge.

Why attend this event?

The AI and Neural Networks on Arm Summit is intended to bring the software and silicon industries together to educate and collaborate, in order to accelerate development of these fascinating new technologies, while also mitigating the fragmentation and duplication of effort to support the many AI/NN frameworks spanning the range of silicon vendor offerings.

What will we talk about?

There will be sessions on the latest AI technologies available in edge and consumer devices from the Arm ecosystem and how these accelerate deep learning applications leveraging the most widely adopted AI frameworks:

  • Inference on NPU, GPU, DSP and CPU
  • AI/ML frameworks and NN formats
  • NN HAL plug-in frameworks

AI Summit Schedule YVR18

For End Users: Thought-leaders and managers attending the event will gain a deeper understanding of the issues and opportunities in AI/NN on Arm. Engineers will gain insight and learn how to collaborate in the open source community within their area of expertise, how to evaluate the performance and accelerate multiple NN frameworks without modifying for each new IP, whether targeting edge computing gateways, smart devices or simple microcontrollers

For Linaro Members and Partners: This workshop is a call to action to join forces and collaborate around a common framework PI, an optimized inference engine and flexible plug-in architecture to integrate each NN solution and use members’ internal resources to focus on product competitive advantage.

Arm AI NN Summit

  • Cost  $45
  • Sponsorship options available, please contact