Attendance & Infectious Diseases (Coronavirus (COVID-19))

It is requested that all intended travellers to Linaro Connect Budapest, Connect BUD20, should comply with the guidance below, with regard to the current infectious disease Coronavirus (COVID-19), which is in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance.


Simple precautions can greatly reduce the risk of exposure to infectious agents and should always be taken for visits to or from any destination where there is a significant risk of exposure to any infectious disease.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently one of the most important infectious disease threats for travellers and conference attendees. Although little is known about this virus yet, new information is coming through daily. The following criteria have been taken into account by Linaro when issuing this notice:

  • A disease that has a sufficiently high global or regional prevalence to constitute a significant risk for travellers;
  • A disease that can be severe and life-threatening, even though the risk of exposure may be low for most travellers;
  • A disease for which the perceived risk may be much greater than the real risk, and which may therefore cause anxiety to travellers;
  • A disease that involves a public health risk due to transmission of infection to others by an infected traveller.

Information on safe travel can be found here


Linaro is focusing on China presently as the authorities worldwide are only issuing advisory notices with regard to travel to and from China. We will include other specific regions onto the list when/if authorities in general have added another region/country to their lists. We will monitor any changes and undertake any advice given. More details can be found here

Linaro requests that all attendees follow the guidance below.

Event attendees

All Attendees: Linaro requests that, people who reside in or have visited mainland China or any other infected place or affected area with diagnosed cases or Coronavirus (COVID-19) , or have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Coronavirus (COVID-19), self-quarantine for two weeks prior to attending BUD20.

*Meaning of infected place/affected area*; “An infected place/affected area is one where germs or bacteria are causing a disease to spread among people”, “in relation to this policy the “Coronavirus (COVID-19)”.

  • An infected place could be a specific area where the virus has been contracted and is continuing to spread to the general public, a hospital, a train station, etc. that has confirmed cases•
  • An affected area could be an actual town/city where the virus is increasing and the risk to humans is high, not whole countries just the affected areas of the country.

Currently this only encompasses mainland China, Linaro adheres to the World Health Organisation advice and agree to add any other country to the policy as advised by the World Health Organisation’s, travel advice can be found (here).

Information/Action from Budapest Airport -


  • Wear face masks if in infected areas
  • Avoid crowded places, where the virus could spread more easily
  • Ensure the correct washing of hands
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
    • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze – then put the tissue in a bin.
    • If you do not have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow.
    • Clean your hands after you cover a cough or sneeze. If you have no access to a sink carry anti-bacterial hand wash
  • If you are unwell, avoid close contact with other people, stay at home!
  • Ventilate your home
    • Open windows regularly to get fresh air circulating
    • If you have air conditioning or a heat pump, make sure the system is maintained and the filters cleaned
  • Keep Home/Office surfaces clean

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