Remote Participation

Live Streaming:

-All keynotes will be live streamed on the Linaro Facebook and Youtube pages.

-We do not live stream general sessions, but if there is a session you are particularly interested in having live streamed, please email us at and we can try to accommodate this.

Event App:

-You may view the full schedule of sessions here: (You do not have to be registered to view the full schedule).

-If you would like to build your own agenda, you may register as a remote attendee. Please select the “Remote Attendance” ticket option here. Once you register, you will receive an email with login information for the event app

-Unfortunately, does not allow for the schedule to be shown in the remote attendees timezone. It only allows us to select the event location timezone. We recommend using the calendar export features so the sessions will show in your correct timezone. Details on exporting to your calendar can be found here:

Session video and materials:

Videos of sessions will be posted at the end of each day throughout the week on our Resource page.

Presentation slides for sessions will be available on the Resource page as well as attached to each individual session in the event schedule in

Social media posts will be tagged with #BUD20 and #LinaroConnect

Photos from the event can be found at

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