Confidential Compute, what’s it all about? (Panel discussion)

Session Abstract

Confidential Compute, what’s it all about? (Panel discussion)

Session Speakers

Charles Garcia-Tobin

OS Architect and Fellow (Arm)

Joakim Bech

Distinguished Engineer (Linaro)

Leendert van Doorn

Microsoft Azure (Microsoft Azure)

Mike Bursell

Co-Founder (Enarx)

Nelly Porter

Group Product Manager (Google)

Nelly Porter is a Group Product manager with Cloud Security, leading the Confidential Computing and Data Protection in Google Cloud. Nelly has over 10+ years experience in platform and virtualization security, PKI, crypto, authentication and authorization field. She is working on multiple areas in Google, from root of trust, Titan, to the Confidential Computing and end-to-end data protection, has 25 patents and defensive publications. Prior to working at Google, Nelly spent some time working in Microsoft in the virtualization and security space, HP Labs advancing clustering story, and Israel as a firmware and kernel eng. She has two sons, both are in the CS field, and … one of them is googler.

Panel discussion with:

  • Joakim (Linaro) - panel moderator
  • Charles Garcia-Tobin (Arm)
  • Nelly Porter (Google)
  • Leendert van Doorn (Microsoft Azure)
  • Mike Bursell (Enarx, CCC)
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