BKK19-103 - Autoware Introduction

Session Abstract

Autoware.AI was originally started in 2015 by Shinpei Kato at Nagoya University, and quickly grew into the worlds first "All-in-One" open-source software stack for autonomous driving. Built on ROS 1, Autoware provides modules for Localization, Detection, Prediction and Planning, as well as Control. Autoware.AI is a part of the newly introduced Autoware Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation created to develop a synergy between corporate development and academic research in order to provide access to autonomous driving technology for everyone. This talk will provide an introduction to the Autoware.AI software stack, as well as an in depth look into its modules.

Session Speakers

Servando German Serrano

Software Engineer (Linaro)

Autonomous systems engineer with experience working in different domains: air, underwater and ground based platforms. Past experience involves working at Ixion Industry & Aerospace, a highly innovative SME in Spain, Airbus Defence and Space, in Stevenage, and most recently at Transport Systems Catapult, based in Milton Keynes.

Theodore Grey

Software Engineer (Linaro)

96Boards Software Engineer for Linaro. Recent Graduate of Kings College London, with a passion for machine learning and autonomous vehicles.

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