BKK19-107 - LEDGE Overview and Goals

Session Abstract

The LEDGE SIG is exploring the technologies and structures needed to support Edge computing, a new business model that allows semi-autonomous services to be provided close to mobile end users and devices for improved latency and augmented capabilities. This talk provides an overview of the SIG and its goals.

Session Speakers

François-Frédéric Ozog

Director LEDGE (Linaro)

Francois-Frederic is an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in technical, sales and marketing positions. Prior to joining Linaro, Francois-Frederic was VP Business Development at 6WIND where he has been instrumental in creating success for SDN and NFV offerings. Prior to that, he has been CTO and co-founder of Vedicis where he led architecture and development teams, and previously he held several technical and marketing functions at Olivetti, Unisys, Access360, Tempoline, Versada Networks, NetSecureOne and Radware. Francois-Frederic holds a degree in computing science from Universite de Paris VII. He is the author of seven granted patents.

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