BKK19-108 - Empowering High Performance User Space Network Stack on Arm

Session Abstract

DPDK has lower layer high performance packet processing functionalities which surpasses the kernel. Kernel bypass can avoid performance bottlenecks caused by kernel packet copy, thread scheduling, system calls and interrupt. The user space TCP/IP stack provides much higher networking performance, flexible socket configuration, larger TCP transmission buffer than the legacy kernel network stack.
In this presentation we would like to give out our work of the user space TCP/IP stack on Arm, which covers the following but not limited to:
1. Introduction to current high performance user space network stacks available on arm, which includes F-stack. mTCP, VPP Hoststack, Seastar, Rumpkernel, etc.
2. The enablement and improvement of F-Stack on arm, which is a complete Freebsd based high performance full user space network stack. we would also present our work on the new feature development, such as IPerf3 for F-stack and its application development ways.
3. Performance evaluation and analysis to F-Stack with different number of CPU cores on arm;
4. Detailed comparisons between most currently available TCP/IP stacks on arm;
5. The technical mechanism to enable F-Stack working as an independant user space network library to enable fast application integration;
6. Future work on use space TCP/IP stack for arm

Session Speakers

Trevor Tao

Staff Software Engineer (Arm Ltd)

Zijin Tao is a Ph.D in Computer Networking, who has worked in this area for more than 15 years. He has worked as a network engineer in research institute of university for more than 10 years. Then he worked in IBM for almost 5 years for SDN and Cloud Networking.
Now he is working in Arm as an Staff Software Engineer, mainly on networking infrastructure open source projects.
Zijin Tao has filed more than 10 patents and papers in Computer Networking.

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