BKK19-109 - Arm Server Manageability and OpenBMC

Session Abstract

Arm launched the ServerReady program at TechCon18. In addition to the SBSA and SBBR that constitute the ServerReady specifications, Arm Server Advisory Committee is also working on the SBMG document that addresses the server manageability. This presentation focuses on the updates in this area. It is also a call for action to the Linaro community to participate in the development of the SBMG and enhance the OpenBMC project as its reference implementation. SBMG is one of the main focus areas of development in the ServerReady program for 2019.

Session Speakers

Dong Wei

Standards Architect and Fellow (Arm)

Dong Wei is a Standards Architect and Fellow at Arm. He is responsible for the ServerReady certification program and the related SBSA, SBBR, EBBR and SBMG standards. He is the Vice President (Chief Executive) of the UEFI Forum, co-chair its ACPI Spec Working Group and chair its UEFI Test Working Group. He chairs the PCI Firmware Working Group at the PCI SIG. He is also the vice-chair of the Software Working Group at the CCIX Consortium. He represents Arm at DMTF and OCP. Before joining Arm in 2016, he was a VP and Fellow at HP responsible for the system architecture definitions for PA-RISC, Itanium, x86, and RISC-V systems, and cofounded the UEFI technology with Intel.

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