BKK19-200K1 - KEYNOTE: Enabling vertical ecosystem to unleash the potential of diversified computing

Session Abstract

The future is an intelligent digital world, where everything is to be sensible, connected to the cloud and AI enabled. That brings huge amount of information, and the relative calculation power
requirements. However the scenarios for computing applications are varied. The diversity of applications and the resulting data are also diverse. Diverse applications produce diverse data,
including text, images, and video, as well as structured, unstructured data.

Because of the diversity of data, the appreciated computing architectures are also diverse. The ARM architecture has proved its value in the consumer-grade terminal industry. With the
continuous innovation of ARM architecture, the performance of enterprise-grade ARM CPU will be greatly improved, ARM architecture is moving toward edge computing and data centers from the end, however an open ecosystem is critical for this leap.
In this presentation Huawei will share their opinion and plans on how to build an open, competitive and win-win ARM data center ecosystem with industry partners.

Session Speakers

Zane Wei (Huawei)

Director (Huawei)

Zane Wei is a Senior Director of Strategic Business Development Department under Intelligent Computing BU,responsible for creating an open ecosystem and joint solutions for all Huawei servers.He had served several senior roles in Huawei since joining Huawei in 1999,with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry,he has filed some PCT patents and strived for development of heterogeneous computing architecture.He earned MBA degree in Hongkong University of Science and Technology(HKUST) and received bachelor degree from University of Science and Technology of China(UESTC) in 1998.

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