BKK19-202 - New Technologies in the Arm Architecture

Session Abstract

The Arm Architecture is continually evolving as new features and enhancements are developed to meet existing market demand, and to enable new markets. Arm, Linaro, and the wider Arm ecosystem build on the core Architecture, creating a rich and varied range of products along with associated Firmware and Software, to drive the technologies of the future.

This presentation will reveal the culmination of several years of new architecture development, intended to benefit both Client & Server systems.

It will discuss the software enablement that is currently taking place, and the future development needs for the wider ecosystem, to ensure that software is in place and ready to support these features when the devices become available.

Session Speakers

Nigel Stephens

Lead ISA Architect & Fellow (Arm Ltd)

Nigel joined Arm in 2008 to work on the design of Armv8-A, with a particular focus on the AArch64 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). He later became lead Armv8-A instruction set architect and was appointed an ARM Fellow in 2015.

Prior to joining Arm, Nigel has worked as a systems programmer, kernel developer, compiler developer and computer architect. He has specialized in RISC processors ever since working on the specification and development of the first ever MIPS-based UNIX graphics workstation at Whitechapel Computer Works in East London way back in1986.

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