BKK19-209 - Challenging idle period predictions - Where are we ?

Session Abstract

The interrupt prediction is an alternate approach to choose the idle state to put the CPU in. However the idle path in the very special place of the kernel where it is hard to measure the correctness of the predictions and where we have to use a fast algorithm to find out the best idle state to use.
The presentation will describe the algorithm to extract the pattern repetitions of an interrupt, the mix with the other events and the challenges to measure the timings.

Session Speakers

Daniel Lezcano

Power Management Specialist (Linaro)

Daniel worked in 1998 in the Space Industry and Air traffic management for distributed system project in life safety constraints. He acquired for this project a system programming expertise.

He joined IBM in 2004 and since this date he does kernel hacking and pushed upstream the resource virtualization with the namespaces. He is the author and maintainer of the Linux Container (LXC).

In 2012, he joined Linaro to work in the power management team. Deeply involved in the power management improvements for the different members of Linaro, he continues to contribute and maintain some parts of the Linux kernel.

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