Session Abstract

Clang and the LLVM tools promise to be a drop in replacement for gcc and
support cross compilation out of the box. In practice trying to make this work
can be a frustrating experience, with little documentation or guidance

This presentation will distil some of the experience gained by TCWG, covering:
- Clangs model of cross compilation and how it differs from gcc.
- Why there isnt a clang cross-compilation toolchain that I can download.
- Building a toolchain based on as many LLVM tools and libraries as possible.
- How to use clang when cross compiling with cmake.
- How some existing open source projects use clang tools targeting Arm
and AArch64.
- Common problems encountered when using clang as a substitute for gcc.

Session Speakers

Peter Smith

Principal Engineer (Arm)

Peter is an Assignee to the Linaro Toolchain team (TCWG) working on LLVM based tools, specializing in Linkers. Prior to that he has many years of experience in the Arm Compiler Team.