BKK19-212 - LAVA community enabled testing

Session Abstract

LAVA is at the same time supporting a wide range of devices and maintained by a small team of people. Which mean that maintainers do not have access to most device types that LAVA is supporting.
LAVA Federation project is aiming at testing the LAVA software on community owned hardware. Every day, LAVA functional tests are spread across multiple labs, owned by the community members, with a variety of community hardware.

The goal of this presentation is to help community members to jump in and participate to this common effort.

Session Speakers

Rémi Duraffort

Senior Software Engineer (Linaro)

Im a senior software engineer, working for Linaro. Ive been contributed to OSS since 2007 when I started working on VLC Media player at university.
Im now core developer and maintainer of LAVA, a widely adopted framework to test software (bootloader, kernel, user space) on real boards.

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