BKK19-215 - TPM in TEE

Session Abstract

In this talk we are going to look into what it means to run a TEE in a TPM and answer questions like, what are the benefits and what the trade-offs when you are running a software based TPM in a TEE as a firmware TPM. For the second part of the talk we intend to have a more open discussion with the audience, where we want to discuss use cases and what kind changes that are necessary in boot components to be able talk to software based TPM instead of a real TPM.

Session Speakers

Joakim Bech

Principal Engineer (Linaro)

Joakim has been a Linux user for about 15 years where he spent most of the time in his professional career working with security for embedded devices. The last five years he has been heading Security Working Group in Linaro who are working with various upstream projects related to Security where OP-TEE is one of the key projects for that group.

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