BKK19-302 - Designing a next generation ARM Developer Platform

Session Abstract

There has been a lot of discussion in the ARM community on twitter for a NUC like platform for ARM. A group of us have been collecting requirements and want to have a discussion with the community at large on what we want ideally see in a new platform, ADUC: The Arm Developer Unit of Computing. Were gathering resources and working with industry partners to try and build something to show the world that we need something between a Raspberry Pi and a Server that is somewhat easily available, and a finished product. Join us to hear what we have found, and provide your feedback for what you would want to see in such a product. We wont solve everyones problems, but were hoping to get something that can be an excellent first step.

Session Speakers

David Tischler

Founder (miniNodes.com)

All things Arm Servers, Arm Single Board Computers, and Arm at the Edge!

Carl Perry

Ecosystem Engineer (Packet Host)

Carl has been a veteran of the hosting industry for many years and an avid supporter of alternative architectures to x86

Ed Vielmetti

Special Projects Director (Packet)

Ed is an Internet veteran with over 30 years experience.

He has extensive experience with networks at all levels - physical, logical, technical, social, political, and financial. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and an alumnus of Cisco Systems and Arbor Networks.

At Packet, Ed leads outreach to a wide variety of software ecosystems, from open source to the Enterprise. His main project is WorksOnARM, which helps to bring cloud native and data center software to ARMv8 servers.

When hes not opening issues on Github, Ed can be found on the amateur radio bands as W8EMV, tinkering with a pile of Raspberry Pis, or coworking at Ann Arbors Workantile.

Sahaj Sarup

Application Engineer (Linaro)

Open source software and hardware enthusiast. Currently working at 96Boards, Linaro as a full-time Maker.

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