BKK19-319 - IOT CUBE BOX – New ST NBIOT IOT Platform

Session Abstract

IOT CUBE BOX – Shiratech First Indoor/Outdoor out of the Box IOT solution Based on 96Board IOT Extended addition
based on New ST CPU + Quectel BG96 M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS Modem
70% readymade product that can help users achieve fast time to market in the IOT world of products, High quality Design, API for user and cloud interface
Built In features
•    2 x Microphones 
•    Gas Sensor for a variety of sensing applications 
•    2 X DI (Digital Input)
•    2 X DO (Digital Output)
•    2 X AI (Analog Input)
•    External Sensor interface (GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART)
•    1 X SIM CARD
•    1 X SD CARD
•    2Gbit DDR3 Memory (32 bit)
•    8G Nand Memory (8 bit)
•    1 x USB
•    1 x UART
•    Linaro Debian BSP

Target Applications
•    Gass Monitoring applications 
•    Home appliance – IOT devices
•    Baby sense
•    IOT Sensing applications
•    Safe City /Smart City
• Home security

Session Speakers

Guy Zohar

VP R&D (Shiratech-Solutions)

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