BKK19-407 - What is this Fuego thing and where is it going?

Session Abstract

Fuego is yet another automated test framework for Linux. But it is different from other systems in a few key ways. This session will introduce Fuego and describe a few of its features that are different (to Tims knowledge) from other test systems like LAVA, Buildbot, or LTP.

Some of the features are Fuegos focus on individual board testing (rather than test labs), results analysis separated from the test itself, and on building a suite of tests readily available to begin testing.

Tim will also share some of his vision for the future of open source testing, and what features of Fuego are being prototyped now to move towards that vision. (That is, Tim will share his Fuego roadmap.)

Session Speakers

Tim Bird (Sony)

Sr Staff Software Engineer (Sony Electronics)

Tim Bird is a Senior Software Engineer for Sony Corporation, where he helps Sony use Linux and other open source software in their products. Tim is the maintainer of the Fuego test framework, and is involved in various groups in the Linux Foundation, including the LF Technical Advisory Board. Tim created and continues to run the Embedded Linux Conference.

Tims overall goal is to improve Linux for use in consumer electronics products, by improving Linux system testing, directing technical initiatives of the Linux Foundation, and encouraging companies to participate in the open source community. Tim has been working with Linux for over 20 years.

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