BKK19-413 - AOSP Device Upstreaming and Development with X15

Session Abstract

This session goes thru collaboration between TI, Linaro, Google and open source community in upstreaming and development of AOSP with TI Beagleboard X15 platform .

We cover the various development phases including hardware and software requirements for a platform to be AOSP dev platform and review pros and challenges of X15 . 
Will also review the status of features upstreamed and on going development towards future bootloader , kernel , pastry and associated external opensource projects.
Notes and commentsAOSP Development Boards are intended for both Android userspace and kernel development, as well and upstreaming patches

This proposal goes thru the path of exploring TI X15 as a AOSP reference platform and why the platform stands out from a plethora of available dev boards -->Pre development of baseline thru LCR/LKFT on stable tags --> Review SW/HW requirements and anticipate tactical/strategical challenges --> Submit to AOSP gerrit and address review comments --> Platform/manifest ready ? with expected functionality? --> Ensure no regression thru triage support for expected project duration. --> Future plan/ Have plan for pastry,kernel migrations and collaborate across board on common feature development.

Session Speakers

Praneeth Bajjuri

Android Software Developer (TI)

Automotive Infotainment, System Software, OMAP Platform Android Kernel Maintainer.

Mykhailo Sopiha

Android OS Engineer (Texas Instruments)

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