BKK19-419 - Debugging with OP-TEE

Session Abstract

Debugging trusted applications (and OP-TEE itself) can be difficult because, for very good reasons, secure software is often reluctant to disclose information about its operation to the non-secure world, meaning is does not have access to the rich facilities in operating systems such as GNU/Linux that would normally be used for system level debug.

In this session we will discuss the common debug techniques used to debug secure applications. We will also look at how it is possible to implement function tracing to help solve problems, especially on platforms where JTAG debug is unavailable.

Session Speakers

Sumit Garg

Software Engineer (Linaro)

Currently working as part of Support and Solutions team, Linaro. Responsible for activities related to platform security like OP-TEE, trusted firmware, boot-loaders etc. Also responsible for tool-chain support activities.

Contributed in various open source projects like OP-TEE, TF-A, u-boot, edk2, Linux etc.

Apart form technical stuff, I have keen interest in sports like badminton, table tennis, chess etc.

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