The U-Boot bootloader has been evolved for nearly 2 decades and is one of the primary and well-known opensource bootloader choice for embedded industry.

The 2019 State of ARM U-Boot development report describe the key updates, features, issues and challenges faced so far on U-Boot with respect to ARM platform.

In this talk Jagan Teki start with a brief overview of ARM U-Boot history, U-Boot Proper, SPL, TPL, Build process and Startup sequence. He will talk about how ARM platform is utilizing U-Boot features since from the project beginning to most recent versions till 2019. He will cover the key features like Image boot, FIT, Secure Boot, DTS, Driver Model, Device Firmware Upgrade, Driver Model, ATF, OP-TEE with respect to ARM platform.

Once giving enough report, he will also talk about steps to port U-Boot to new ARM hardware. Finally, he will address and review ongoing development work, issues and future development on U-Boot with respect to ARM platform.

Added to BKK19 Resources on Tuesday, April 16, 2019