BKK19-500K1 - KEYNOTE: Linux Code of Conduct

Session Abstract

A fundamental change is happening in the way software is made in the
FOSS communities in the 21st century. These communities are now mature
and the people who work there understand their work place differently.
Over a decade and a half as more and more companies employ developers to
contribute to FOSS and the communities become diverse, different
expectations have begun to emerge from all stakeholders. These global
communities have narrower social interactions, say, around a  water
cooler or in person, therefore, putting a premium on the way their
internal intermediated communication is  conducted. This talk will
examine why Code of Conduct in this new world are on the rise and are a
positive sign for mature FOSS projects that govern themselves and dont
like suits. It will explore ways of  managing legal risk by drafting
codes of conduct addressing bias, creating a frictionless reporting
mechanism for legal incident response, and making the project a fun,
inclusive productive place.

Session Speakers

Mishi Choudhary

Legal Director (Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC))

Legal Director, Software Freedom Law Center

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