BKK19-502 - Autoware on ARM Improvements

Session Abstract

As members of the Autoware foundation it is Linaro’s hope to make improvements to Autoware’s code base, promote Automotive applications running on the ARM ecosystem, and foster the open source community while also providing good code support, practice, and standards.

In this session we will talk about the difference between Autoware.ai and Autoware.Auto and the transition from ROS1 to ROS2 for Real Time applications. We will also mention Linaro’s efforts to make improvements to Autoware’s code and provide unit tests for the various Autoware modules. Finally we will talk about our efforts of getting Autoware running efficiently on ARM platforms.

Session Speakers

Servando German Serrano

Software Engineer (Linaro)

Autonomous systems engineer with experience working in different domains: air, underwater and ground based platforms. Past experience involves working at Ixion Industry & Aerospace, a highly innovative SME in Spain, Airbus Defence and Space, in Stevenage, and most recently at Transport Systems Catapult, based in Milton Keynes.

Theodore Grey

Software Engineer (Linaro)

96Boards Software Engineer for Linaro. Recent Graduate of Kings College London, with a passion for machine learning and autonomous vehicles.

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