BKK19-507 - Baselining AArch64 Java AOT Performance

Session Abstract

Based upon targeted microbenchmarks and SpecJVM, AArch64 Java AOT performance is compared against Xeon. Sweeping conclusions prove difficult to draw, but tantalizing hints about performance differences emerge.

Session Speakers

Gary Morrison

Principal Engineer (Arm, Inc. (USA))

Computer Software and Hardware Engineer since 1983, working for IBM, Data General, Dell, Tandem, Motorola, Freescale, NXP, and Arm, Gary Morrison has worked in Graphics, Telephony, PCs, Fault-Tolerant and Resilient Systems, HW Emulation, High-Performance SW Simulation of CPUs, CPU Microarchitectural Verification, and Java JVM Internals. Non-career interests include Microtonal Music, Chinese Language, and Rowing.

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