BKK19-TR01 - Bigtop 101

Session Abstract

Bigtop provides an easy way for user to setup Big Data cloud platform and to deploy leading Hadoop-related projects, such as HDFS, Yarn, Mapreduce, and Spark.
A lot of commercial distributions are based on bigtop too, such as MapR.

Plus, since Bigtop 1.3, aarch64 is supported out of the box. No special patches are required any more. So, how to use it?

In this session, I will cover the following Bigtop 1.3.0, step-by-step:
* Build Bigtop from source (containerized)
* Smoke test with containers
* Deploy Bigtop on multiple physical machines

Session Speakers

Guodong Xu

Tech Lead (LINARO)

Work in Arm software ecosystem more than 10 years. Want to share my recent experience in Big Data.

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