BKK19-TR04 - Fantastic tracepoints and where to find them

Session Abstract

"I could talk to you all day kernel debugging. Really! In fact I, along with my colleague Leo, have spent are large portion of our time recently doing exactly that. However I dont have all day... I have just 25 minutes... and no slides."

In this session Daniel will demonstrate live a some of the ways to exploit both static and dynamic tracepoints to study kernel behaviour. Well start out using just the basic tools available in even tiny busybox distribution before expanding our toolkit very slightly by copying a couple of extra binaries onto the system under debug.

Session Speakers

Daniel Thompson

Tech Lead - Support and Solutions Engineering (Linaro)

Currently working at Linaro where I am tech lead for the Support and Solutions Engineering team. This team provides a mixture of technical support (for developers), training and custom engineering services to Linaro members and our professional services customers. As part of my work at Linaro I have become a co-maintainer of the Linux kernel kgdb/kdb and backlight sub-systems. I am also heavily involved in the 96Boards activities at Linaro.

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