BKK19-TR08 - How to integrate Fuego automated testing tool in your CI loop

Session Abstract

During the first Automated Testing Summit [1], developers of some of the most popular open source testing projects in the world gathered in Edinburgh to discuss how to collaborate and share testing efforts in the future.

In this session, I will first introduce Fuego as a black box and show how Fuego can work together with existing testing tools to form a complete CI loop. Next, I will show a modularized view of Fuego internals, and explain how specific modules can be shared with other testing tools. The talk will be illustrated with examples, and will not require previous knowledge on Fuego. 

[1] https://elinux.org/Automated_Testing_Summit

Session Speakers

Daniel Sangorrin

Specialist (Toshiba)

Daniel Sangorrin works for Toshiba corp. as an operating systems researcher with a focus on real-time embedded systems. He received a Ph.D degree in computer science from Nagoya University, and has been a speaker in several international conferences and open source events.

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