Apache Ambari and Big data components on AARCH64-BUD17-DF06

Showcase Apache Ambari works on AARCH64

Apache Ambari is the open source operational platform to provision, manage and monitor Hadoop clusters. Ambari provides an intuitive Web UI as well as a robust REST API, which is particularly useful for automating cluster operations.

  • Simplified Installation, Configuration and Management. Easily and efficiently create, manage and monitor clusters at scale. Enables repeatable, automated cluster creation with Ambari Blueprints.

  • Centralized Security Setup. Reduce the complexity to administer and configure cluster security across the entire platform.

  • Full Visibility into Cluster Health. Ensure your cluster is healthy and available with a holistic approach to monitoring.

  • Highly Extensible and Customizable. Fit Hadoop seamlessly into enterprise environment.

Team: LEG Bigdata

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