Session Abstract

Camera stacks have long lived in the proprietary world with a new
implementation or significant development overhead for each platform and OS.
libcamera has been developed throughout 2019 to provide an open-source camera
stack to support Linux, Chrome and Android devices, in a vendor friendly
manner. This allows greater code reuse for vendors and simpler integration for
users in embedded systems.

libcamera has grown to the point where it provides a full framework for
supporting your camera devices and interacting with kernel interfaces
(V4L2/Media-Controller), and providing an API to integrate existing 3A image
control algorithms and allowing new ones to be developed.

This talk will focus on the details needed for bringing up a new platform with libcamera:

- The Simple Pipeline handler, and how it can be used for basic implementations
- Implementing a pipeline handler for your platform with custom ISP
- Implementing your own Image Processing Algorithms

Session Speakers

Jacopo Mondi

Software Engineer (Jacopo Mondi)

jacopo is software engineer with a passion for embedded systems and free software.

In the last 5 years he mostly worked on integrating video and graphics peripherals on Linux systems as part of the Renesas Electronics mainline kernel team and, since 1 year or so, he embarked on the Libcamera boat.

He has presented at several conferences, including ELC-E, FOSDEM, linux-lab and other minor events

Kieran Bingham

Ideas Officer (Ideas on Board)

Kieran Bingham is an embedded software engineer working with Ideas on Board and specialising in Linux kernel developments with a focus on media related subsystems.

Kieran has worked with embedded Linux systems for over 14 years through professional service companies and silicon vendors and now focuses on upstream-first projects.

He has previously presented at the Embedded Linux Conference, Automotive Linux Summit, and Linaro Connect.

Laurent Pinchart

Software engineer (Ideas on Board)

Laurent Pinchart has been a Linux kernel developer since 2001. He has written media-related Linux drivers for consumer and embedded devices and is one of the V4L core developers. Laurent is the founder and owner of Ideas on Board, a company specialized in embedded Linux design and development. He has given Linux kernel-related talks at the FOSDEM, LPC and ELC. He currently shares his time between work on camera and display kernel drivers for multiple SoC vendors, and the libcamera project he has recently started.