Session Abstract

This session provides an in-depth overview of the new Server Base Security Guide (SBSG) released by Arm in Fall 2019. SBSG provides guidance for securing the platform (firmware/hardware) layer of SBSA/SBBR systems (servers as well as edge devices). The session will focus on the key areas that must be addressed to secure the firmware and hardware of Arm A-class systems, including: hardware security requirements, verified boot, TPMs and measured-boot, UEFI security, and secure firmware update. How SBSG relates to other security standards from NIST, Trusted Computing Group, and Arm will also be covered.

Session Speakers

Stuart Yoder

Principal System Architect (Arm)

Stuart Yoder is a Principal System Architect in the Architecture and Technology Group at Arm. His area of focus is platform security for infrastructure system (e.g. servers, edge) and he is responsible for the Server Base Security Guide specification. He represents Arm in the Trusted Computing Group and Open Compute Project's security working group. Prior to joining Arm in 2017 he held positions in systems software and architecture at NXP/Freescale, Intel, Dell, Parthus Technologies, Siemens, Motorola, and IBM.