Session Abstract

This presentation introduces applying Arm architectural features to VPP (Vector Packet Processing) to inspire other performance-sensitive software on Arm servers.

VPP is widely deployed in Arm ecosystem, from embedded hardware and edge computing to cloud infrastructure and data center. VPP use-cases include vSwitches, vRouters, Gateways, Firewalls and Load Balancers, and support integration with OpenStack, Kubernetes, 5G Transport Network and SmartNIC.

The vector processing nature of VPP sets it apart from other virtual switch/router solutions and provides many interesting architectural optimization opportunities.

This presentation firstly elaborates why and how vector-based packet forwarding is improving the performance greatly compared with traditional scalar packet forwarding.

Secondly, this presentation introduces our efforts on enabling Arm servers in VPP community CI/CD in lab, optimizing the source code and improving its performance with AArch64 features on Arm servers.

Finally, the presentation addresses some challenges regarding software performance optimization with AArch64, as well as the prospection of deploying the new AArch64 features (SVE, Cache-Stashing) on Arm servers to get higher performance for VPP on Arm.

Session Speakers

Lijian Zhang

ArmChina, Senior Software Engineer (Arm Technology China)

Work Experience
ARM China Inc. | Senior Open Source Software Engineer Jun/2018 – Now
Cisco Systems, Inc. | Senior Software Engineer Oct/2011 – Jun/2018
ZTE Corporation | Software Engineer Jul/2008 -- Aug/2011

Zhejiang University | Mechatronics | Master Sep/2006 – Jul/2008
Shandong University | Mechatronics | Bachelor Sep/2002 – Jul/2006