Session Abstract

The ARM SCMI specification provides a standardized interface for OS/Firmware coordinated power management. SCMI has been adopted today for platforms primarily targeted at the mobile/client/embedded segment. As Arm-based SoCs increasingly find their way into Infrastructure and Automotive, standardizing Power Management in products targeted at these segments becomes a necessity to prevent software fragmentation.

In this session we will explore how SCMI can be extended to standardize power management for Arm-based SoCs targeted at Infrastructure and Automotive. We will look at how SCMI can work through ACPI which is commonly used in most kernels targeted at the Infrastructure space. We would also have a look at how an Automotive Power Management stack can be setup with the help of SCMI.

Session Speakers

Souvik Chakravarty

Principal Software Engineer (Arm Limited)

Souvik is a Staff Software Engineer in the Architecture and Technology Group at Arm, where his primary areas of focus are System and Power Management software standards and specifications. Souvik has ~13 years of experience in architecture and development of Power Management stacks on various OS and Firmware technologies. Prior to working at ARM, he was a technical lead at Intel where he was involved in Android Power & Performance Management of various generations of Intel Atom platforms, and with STEricsson where he was involved with Symbian Power Management on the Nomadik series of SoCs.