Session Abstract

During this presentation I will provide an overview and necessary details on how to run containers in HPC environments using Podman. Podman’s daemonless and rootless fork()+exec() architecture is a perfect fit for HPC environments and can also be used in other secure or restricted environments without setuid privileges.

I will also give an introduction to OpenHPC and the latest 2.0 release that is based on RHEL 8 and supports aarch64. At the conclusion, I will demonstrate how to deploy containerized applications under the control of Open MPI (mpirun).

Session Speakers

Adrian Reber

Principal Software Engineer (Red Hat)

Adrian is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and is migrating processes at least since 2010. He started to migrate processes in a high performance computing environment and at some point he migrated so many processes that he got a PhD for that. Most of the time he is now migrating containers but occasionally he still migrates single processes.