Session Abstract

Virtualization is becoming one of the key technologies to improve the safety and reduce development costs on the automotive space as it allows for mixed criticality workloads and the consolidation of ECUs under a common system.
We will present the Automotive reference stack, a collection of Yocto layers to build a platform suitable for safety critical deployments. The presentation will focus on Xen on Arm, integration in Yocto and constraints specific to automotive. We will cover what is available in meta-arm today and show our vision of how the platform could evolve though collaboration with the Linaro members.

Session Speakers

Filipe Rinaldi

Principal Software Engineer (Arm)

Filipe Rinaldi is a principal software engineer at Arm with over 14 years of experience in embedded software development and had previously worked at Hewlett Packard. He is currently the tech lead of a group within Arm working on OSS projects in safety critical applications.

Bertrand Marquis

Principal Software Engineer (Arm Ltd)

Avionic certified RTOS kernel developer for 15 years for Sysgo. Automotive Open Source developer at Arm since 2019.

Jon Mason

Principal Yocto Developer at Arm

Jon Mason is a Principal Yocto Developer at Arm. In addition to writing new recipes and bug fixes, he coordinates development inside and outside of Arm on OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project. This includes development and maintenance of the meta-arm layer. Also, Jon sits on the board of OpenEmbedded.

Outside of work, Jon maintains NTB and a few other drivers in Linux.