Session Abstract

SmartNICs are a transformational technology that enables entirely new capabilities to enterprise, datacenter, edge and hyperscaler architectures. SmartNICs evolved from networking-only devices to offering networking, storage, and security features. The evolution of SmartNICs is now entering the next phase. A modern SmartNIC integrates significant CPU resources – 8 or 16 Arm CPUs are common. These CPUs enable new use-cases when general-purpose compute can also be executed on a SmartNIC.

Arm is contributing to this phase of SmartNIC evolution by partnering with the ecosystem to ease software development for SmartNICs – and thus evolving towards SmartNIC-as-a-platform (SNAAP) The goal of this partnership is to build an ecosystem for developers to easily use SmartNICs and leverage general-purpose compute on modern SmartNICs platform. We describe the SNAAP project and the new use-cases for general purpose compute on SmartNICs with examples.

Session Speakers

Grant Likely

Senior Technical Architect

Grant is a software architect at Arm working on standardization of the Arm platform for edge and SmartNIC use cases.