Session Abstract

Machine Learning (ML) has been happening only in Cloud and ML inference is happening only on Edge. But there's quite few ML happening in IoT where Linux cannot fit. This area is called TinyML. In order to democratize ML in IoT, I propose TinyML as-a-Service, which would bring ML onto microcontrollers with 3 enablers, (1) Unikernel, (2) ML compiler and (3) CoAP. In this session, I'll explain our end-to-end experiment of how we tackled to bring ML onto Edge & microcontrollers, show demo and also discuss future possibilites. The audience are not expected much. The following links may be helpful if you discuss this session deeper. Enjoy!! #tinymlaas

* Unikernel
* MirageOS
* Ocaml
* Owl
* LwAE
* TinyML
* Tensorflow Lite for micro
* LwM2M
* CoAP

Session Speakers

Hiroshi Doyu

Senior Researcher (Ericsson)

A kernel developer tunred into a telecom researcher. Hiroshi used to work on Linux ARM kernel, especially maintaining IOMMU/SMMU of Nvidia Tegra SoC. Currently he's exploring Unikernel(MirageOS) and Machine Learning for IoT.