Session Abstract

LAVA (a distributed test framework) is widely used in the Open Source community for testing. It is also catching up fast in the Industry. NXP is a leading company whose has a wide portfolio of ARM processor boards. NXP has a Public LAVA server that is used by LKFT to run various Linux kernel tests on NXP boards.

LAVA is traditionally supported on Debian and more recently a Docker image is available that can run on any
architecture and operating system.

The demo aims to run LAVA on ARM based platform (LX2160(Server)/ LS1046(Dispatcher)) there by providing
an end-to-end ARM solution (LAVA-IN-A-BOX). Another goal of the demo is to manage such a deployment
using any cloud orchestration (for example, NXP’s EdgeScale) to securely manage devices and applications.

The main advantage is that although LAVA is deployed globally, maintenance of Servers and Dispatchers can be managed securely from a central location thereby significantly reducing the cost and time for companies.

Session Speakers

TV Rao

Director (NXP)

Manager at NXP