Session Abstract

Sound Open Firmware is an open source audio DSP firmware and SDK that provides audio firmware infrastructure and development tools for developers and software integrators that are interested in audio or signal processing on DSPs.

This presentation is about the status of enabling Sound Open Firmware on i.MX8 boards. This includes code for Application Processor which usually runs Linux kernel and code for DSP core which runs the firmware.

First platform using Sound Open Firmware on ARM is NXP's i.MX8QXP.

Session Speakers

Daniel Baluta

Linux Kernel Engineer at NXP (NXP)

Daniel works at NXP in Romania hacking on Linux kernel audio drivers for i.MX boards. He is a teaching assistant for Operating System Internals class at University POLITEHNICA in Bucharest and very passionate about helping newcomers to the Linux kernel world while being a mentor for the Google Summer of Code.

Abel Vesa

Linux Kernel Engineer at NXP (NXP)

Working in the NXP's Kernel Team on i.MX platforms .
Involved mainly in the following subsystems: clocks, pm, cpuidle, cpufreq, pinctrl and others.