Session Abstract

Civilization runs on Linux. Today, the Linux kernel powers everything
from plants, to cloud, to phones and IoT. Quality and security of the
kernel is critical for the modern world. In this talk, Dmitry will
describe the current state of the kernel quality, dynamics and
challenges. Then he will share some of the recent developments in the
kernel testing tools and processes and speculate about future tools.
The final part of the talk is dedicated to principles and approaches
that allow to build a scalable and cost-efficient testing process on
the example of the syzbot system, and how these approaches can be
extended to other testing systems.

Session Speakers

Dmitry Vyukov

Bug Slaughterer (Google)

Dmitry Vyukov, Google, Senior Kernel Bug Slaughterer
Dmitry works on dynamic testing tools at Google. His projects include
a variety of bug detection tools for user-space and kernel, C/C++ and
Go/Java; fuzzing tools (LibFuzzer, go-fuzz, syzkaller) and automation
systems like syzbot. Dmitry also has an interest in concurrency,
lock-free algorithms and language runtime implementations.