Session Abstract

Empowering Edge Software Stack on Arm with High Performance Container Networking Technology

The purpose of edge computing and MEC is to bring real-time, high-bandwidth, low-latency access to latency-dependent applications, distributed at the edge of the network. Arm put special design consideration for edge computing into its CPU architecture and reference SoC.
On the other side, a high performance, flexible and easy deployable container networking of edge software stack is the key to the success of using Arm platform on edge computing.
In the presentation, we would like to give out our R&D work on Arm edge software stack. The following key takeaways would given but not limit to:
1. The Arm edge reference stack, use cases and its supporting technologies;
2. The high performance container networking technology used in Arm edge software stack, which includes Calico(kernel stack based), Cilium(bpf based), SRIOV device plugin and CNI with kernel and DPDK support(physical device based)
3. The SmartNIC for container networking with SRIOV and OVS offload
4. The data plane acceleration technique used for edge computing on arm
5. Performance evaluation, comparisons and optimization from the edge application aspect for above technologies

Session Speakers

Trevor Tao

Staff Software Engineer (Arm Ltd)

Zijin Tao is a Ph.D in Computer Networking, who has worked in this area for more than 15 years. He has worked as a network engineer in research institute of university for more than 10 years. Then he worked in IBM for almost 5 years for SDN and Cloud Networking.
Now he is working in Arm as an Staff Software Engineer, mainly on networking infrastructure open source projects.
Zijin Tao has filed more than 10 patents and papers in Computer Networking.