Session Abstract

PSA (Platform Security Architecture) is an important security architecture. Arm has delivered the documents, specifications, API and reference implementations for the IoT area started from M class CPUs.
Furthermore, we need to enable PSA in the IoT ecosystem. And help the IoT developers adopt PSA securely, quickly and easily. For example, integrate PSA firmware with popular RTOSes and demonstrate how PSA secures the IoT cloud services.
TF-M is an open-source implementation of PSA firmware. We collaborated with the Silicon partners, RTOS/solution vendors and IoT cloud service providers to enable TF-M and PSA use cases in the RTOSes - FreeRTOS, Zephyr, RT-Thread etc. Also, in IoT cloud services - for example, the Secure connection (e.g. TLS) between the device and the cloud can be better protected by PSA Cryptography and Storage services.
This presentation will show you the design and implementation of enabling PSA in the IoT ecosystem - what we have done and learnt, challenges, and the next plan. A demo is also proposed to showcase how to enhance the security of Amazon FreeRTOS TLS by leveraging Storage and Crypto services of TF-M.

Session Speakers

David Wang

Software Engineering Manager (Arm)

Software Engineering Manager of Arm Open Source Firmware team. Taking care of Trusted Firmware-M development - Feature development, build system enhancement and ecosystem enablement.